About UsedStuff

Welcome to UsedStuff!

A better eCommerce community for Used Stuff.

If you buy, sell, auction, rent or service used stuff and you're tired of the big money hungry auction & selling sites out there taking huge chunks of cash then you found your new home.

The UsedStuff selling community offers a lot more eCommerce for FREE. Do more with your stuff.


No Fees & No Commissions, Just Better Service!

The UsedStuff™ sites are here to help you deal with the burden of your used stuff.  Our simplified vendor account listing manager is designed to help you keep track of your success in one place. Join UsedStuff and avoid the large tsunami of fees, commissions and the potential loss of everything! 


Four Sites For Free!

UsedStuff.ForSale Shop for used stuff or offer your stuff for sale locally or worldwide.

Import and export your stuff between all classified and auction sites like ebay, craigslist, and amazon with Excel spread sheets.  


UsedStuff.Auction Bid on used stuff or auction your stuff locally or worldwide.

Did we mention no listing fees and no commissions? I thought we did. Yep, Free Auctions coming soon…

UsedStuff.Rentals Rent anything or offer anything for rent locally or worldwide.

Why let go? Let others enjoy it. A bike, scooter, television, computer, furniture, or what have you, rent it and put some cash back in your pocket!

UsedStuff.Repair Repair your broken stuff or offer your repair services to the world.

Get your broken stuff fixed? You know it has value, start searching for a repair shop near you.

Our Commitment To Your Success

Understanding The Customer

We carefully analyzed the used items marketplace to understand the needs and objectives of buyers and sellers then built a solution for all to be successfull with. We are not here to make a killing in fees and commissions but to provide a simple unrestricted enviornment everyone can share in. 

Our all-in-one listing manager for selling, auctioning, renting, and repair listings are provided with No Fees or Commission to the buyer or seller.  Got valuable or broken stuff laying around? Repair it, Rent it and/or just Sell it, all under one roof. 

Service Over Fees

It isn't hard to understand that a Free service over a Fee service will always win hands down. It's good for both the buyer and the seller; the buyers win with lower prices and sellers win with no fees.  Simply a WIN, WIN. 

We are here to support your personal and business needs now and in the future. We are continously working on and adding optional seller and buyer add-ons to enhance your dealings.  have a suggestion send us a message

Selective Partners

We are picky. Choosing only the best business partners to bring to you the best services and we are in it for the long-term, as a trusted partner to you. Our priority is not only to provide the smartest selling tools and solutions but to become your only selling platform to meeting your demanding needs. 

Vendor Trust and Confidence

Our goal is to earn your confidence by creating an environment that has the least restrictions and costs with a dedicated commitment to a long-lasting safe and secure relationship. We will always go the extra mile to deliver value and help you succeed.